Do I have to be a jewelry designer to have a ring custom designed?

NO. We are the expert jewelry designers; you are the expert in what you like. Putting these two experts together is the fun part!

I don’t know what I want.

Don’t worry! We have a system to discover what you want in a piece of jewelry. It is a simple way to find out what you like and then put it together just for you.

Jewelry has many small parts but most people just see the whole thing. We understand how to bring those pieces together and guide you through the process to create that perfect piece you will treasure.

What style should I choose?

Whether you want a design that represents the latest trend, a timeless design, or a design that is completely unique to you, we can make your vision become a reality.

What is redesigned jewelry?

Simply put, a redesign is a custom design using gems from jewelry you already own. This does not mean you are limited to the gems you have, but what you have is incorporated into the new design. You can add gems or use fewer of the gems you already have.

Many clients have used the main diamond of the old ring to be a side diamond in the new design. Others have made a few design changes, but basically retain the same look and feel.

Is custom design better than mass-produced jewelry?

Generally speaking it is better. At Sanford Design, with careful attention to detail, quality, and durability, we make sure it is.

Custom design sounds very complicated. Is it?

Yes it is, to us, but not to you. We make your part very easy. We just ask questions about what you want and we know what it takes to make your ideas happen. Custom design is about making jewelry you like and we work out the details to make your dreams come true.

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